Wobble trap is a fun variation of standard trap
and an excellent warm-up for sporting clays.

A variant of standard trap is called “wobble” or “wobble trap”. The main difference is the more extreme target flight path of wobble trap, where the trap oscillates up and down as well as side to side. Wobble Trap is a great warm-up for sporting clays.


  • There are 25 targets in a “Round of Wobble Trap.”
  • There are 5 shooting positions in a straight line (1 thru 5).
  • The shooting line is 16 yards behind the “Trap House.”
  • The Trap Machine moves widely both side to side AND up and down for totally random shots.
  • All targets are flying away from the shooters.
  • Because of its randomness, Wobble is a two shot game so two shells are loaded for each turn.
  • The gun is normally fully mounted prior to calling for each target when shooting Wobble.
  • Each shooter calls “pull” and shoots in turn, one at a time.
  • After all shooters have shot 5 targets, the referee will say “change” or “rotate” and everyone moves down one position.