The challenge of trap shooting is that it’s easy to learn, but hard to master.

In trap shooting, clay targets are thrown by a machine located roughly at ground level and covered by a “trap house” in the center of the field. The trap machine oscillates side to side so that targets are constantly changing—appearing random and unpredictable.


A round of trap consists of 25 shots, with groups of five shots being taken from five shooting positions. There is a maximum of five people shooting per round—called a “squad.” Each shooter on a squad takes five shots from each of the five shooting positions. The shooters take turns, so the first shooter will shoot one shot, then the second shooter takes their shot, etc., until all five shooters have fired 5 shots from a given shooting position. The shooters then rotate to the next shooting position and repeat the process.


  • There are 25 targets in a “Round of Trap.”
  • Trap is normally a 12-gauge game due to the distances involved.
  • There are 5 shooting positions in a straight line (1 thru 5).
  • The shooting line is 16 yards behind the “Trap House.”
  • The Trap Machine moves slowly side to side.
  • All targets are flying away from the shooters.
  • Only one shell is loaded for each turn, normally just after the shooter in front of you fires.
  • The gun is normally fully mounted prior to calling for each target when shooting trap.
  • Each shooter calls “pull” and shoots in turn, one at a time.
  • After all shooters have shot 5 targets, the referee will say “change” or “rotate” and everyone moves down one position.